Small Bites

Miniature shrimp salad Hawaiian rolls

Oriental shrimp cigars served with an apricot sesame dipping sauce

Crab quesadillas with mango salsa

Mini sweet rolls filled with pulled pork and apricot BBQ sauce

Sweet potato samosas with mint cilantro chutney

Mini bacon & pimento cheese muffins

Pea soup & crab shooters

Miniature Tartlets filled with

Normandy chicken Sala

Vidalia onion, thyme and bacon

Melted brie, almond and apple chutney

Crostini topped with

            homemade pimento cheese with picked cauliflower

            homemade ricotta with lemon thyme tomato relish

            sundried tomato tapenade and parmesan

             smoked salmon, mascarpone, capers and dill

             rare roast beef with caramelized onions and Dijon crème fraiche

eggplant caponata

            gorgonzola cream, red flame grapes and walnuts

Normandy chicken salad

oven roasted turkey with cranberry apple relish

            roasted vegetable and goat cheese

            duck confit with cranberry pear chutney

            caramelized onions, grilled portabella mushrooms and goat cheese

            fresh local peach salsa with goat cheese


Antipasti Skewers- tomato/olive, mozzarella ball, basil and salami

Caprese Skewers- basil marinated mozzarella and cherry tomato

prosciutto wrapped melon

coconut milk and lemongrass curried chicken